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What is a PCP Gun:


Pre Charged means that the propellant in the air rifle is just plain breathable air, except that it’s been compressed to a very high pressure level. The gun’s air tank may have an air pressure within a range of 2,700 to 4,500 psi (pounds per square inch). 

How do You charge a PCP Gun:

Hand pump : simple, cost effective, slow.

Scuba Tank :economical, refillable

High Output Compressor : fastest most efficient, portability.

Easy to use as you can refill your air gun tank in a few seconds. The air inside has already been filtered, so you don’t let in any moisture into your air rifle that can cause rusting issues.

Do you need to be registered:

They are not considered a "Firearm" and as such require no special licensing or any state or federal paperwork. Any one can own and fire these Air Guns.

How much noise do these Guns make:

These are very quiet, and there is  no muzzle flash. Compared to other types of air rifles, these things are virtually silent.

What is FPS Mean:

FPS is the abbreviation for Feet Per Second, it is a measure of velocity to gauge the speed of the pellets or slugs as it leaves the barrel of your PCP Air gun or in real steel lingo "muzzle velocity"

Can you use them for hunting bigger game:

Yes , They are capable of downing any big game from Pig, to Deer to Elk

What does Bar Mean in PCP Air Guns?

This is a measure of how much air a PCP uses to produce each foot pound (FPE) of energy. Is the volume of air equal to PSI :

200 BAR = 2900 PSI

250 BAR = 3625 PSI

300 BAR = 4351 PSI

What type of ammo can PCP Air guns fire:

Pellets , with numerous different grains and weights , slugs, and different head types as well .

How many shots per charge:

This depends largely on the type and model of your air rifle. Some only give you a little over 30 shots, but other air rifles can go for almost 400 shots before needing a refill.

How accurate are PCP Guns:

None of the other airsoft power systems can compare to PCP when it comes to accuracy. Only “real” rifles using actual gunpowder bullets are more accurate.

What type of calibers can you shoot in PCP Guns:

With the PCP, you can go with a higher caliber and still get an impressive velocity for your pellets or slugs. .177, .22,.25.30..357..45. up to .50 caliber.

Advantages of Owning a PCP Gun:

Compact, Terrific accuracy, No recoil, Quiet, No muzzle flash, easy to use, great for hunting, Cheap ammo .


Not cheap as air soft or co2 guns, Have to be refilled 

What does FPE Mean:


FPE is foot pounds of energy. FPE can give you an idea of how hard a pellet is going to hit, and perhaps along with accuracy give you a good idea of how effective this air gun will be in a hunting situation. FPE might also be defined as knock down power. It is calculated when you take the velocity and weight of the pellet into consideration.

Where are PCP Guns Made:

Brand                     Country Origin

FX Air                         Sweden

Air Arms                     England

Ataman                      Russia

Beeman                      USA

Beretta                        Italy

Benjamin                      USA

Gamo                            Spain

Hatsan                          Turkey

Kral Arms                      Turkey

Umarex                         Germany

Weihrauch                     Germany

These are just a few manufactures. They are located throughout the whole world.


What accessories can you get for  PCP Guns:

scopes, tripods, Laser sites, Flashlights, and numerous other items for your Guns are readily available.

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